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Welcome. This blog is designed to help DMs create a better D20 SRD 3.5 based gaming experience by facilitating the sharing of house rules and ideas. 

If you have an idea for a feat, rule, class, prestige class, skill trick, spell, or any other aspect of the game, then please feel free to post it here in a comment on the weekly post titled "New Rule Ideas". I also encourage people to give a rating of 1-5 on each rule, and will eventually create a list of the top rated rules. 

Please refrain from discussing existing rules unless they relate to a rule you would like to create.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Initiative idea

I was reading a hackmaster RPG book today, and one of their concepts intrigued me. They gave an example of a round where a band of orcs attacks the party. The initiative was counted down, with every 5 representing the orcs moving closer (20: Orcs begin yelling and drawing weapons, rogue gets to move on initiative 18. 15: orcs begin to move, fighter and ranger take actions. 10, orcs speed up to a full charge. 5 orcs arrive and the unlucky wizard with initiative 5 gets hammered.
I liked the description and the way it added realism to the actions of the players ( ie, the faster ones were able to react quicker). I also thought about what to do if the party were in the orcs' position. I believe that a party should be able to self-determine initiative depending on their plan in a surprise round, and if they are capable of communication or devising a way of timing the attack. I know the rules basically allow that with delay and ready, but I think initiative in surprise rounds should be open and rolled after the battle joins.

Any ideas on how to add to this kind of action? (I love the countdown as the players wait in turn to act. It would seem to add urgency)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Skill Training (Revised)

Thanks for the suggestion, Adam. Others have also expressed that the feat would be too "weak" in it's current form, therefore I will go with what Adam suggested:

Feat: Skill Training
Prerequisites: None
Choose one cross-class skill. Treat this skill as a class skill, regardless of character class.
This feat can be taken multiple times. A new skill is converted each time.

What do you think?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New Rule Ideas

Anyone got any ideas?

Proposed Feat: Skill Training

Ever had a character who needed a skill but couldn't take it because it was a "cross-class" skill? Well, D&D 3.5 is all about flexibility, so I propose a feat:

Skill Training
Prerequisites: None
One skill from the class skill list can be replaced by a skill that is not on the class skill list.

Now you can have a rogue who liked camping as a kid..

What do you think?

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